A’m fine, slainte!: Edinburgh Film Festival Dispatch #1

After a needlessly long trek (thanks for the fun times, KLM!), I’ve arrived in Scotland for this year’s edition of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. I’m here to speak on a few panels and present a new video work at a daylong gathering of movie lovers and writers my Reverse Shot co-conspirator Damon Smith has curated for the festival called Project: New Cinephilia. You can check out the roster of guests and events here and read an essay I co-wrote with Michael Koresky about the founding of Reverse Shot here. (Also check out the brilliant online roundtable curated by Koresky, most certainly one of the exemplars of the form.) The P:NC goal is to try and get a handle on something as rough and tumble as movie watching in the 21st Century, and they’ve got guests lined up from all over, so it should make for an interesting afternoon.

Tonight is the festival’s opening night, (they’re kicking off with The Guard directed by John Michael McDonagh which showed in Sundance 2011) so there’s not much to tell yet, but I’ll have a gloss on the P:NC events and other Scottish happenings ready shortly. Stay tuned. This is my first time in Scotland (and first time to the UK in a long while), so I hope to carve out some time for sightseeing in and amongst movie talk and movie watching. If any IFC/Sundance Selects filmmakers turn up, I might just have them eat something. I hear Bela Tarr’s in town with his new film The Turin Horse. Maybe I’ll present him with a bowl of sad.

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