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On the Couch: A Late Quartet

It’s true, people. You are, in fact, going die. Sorry. I mean, don’t feel too bad. I’m going to die too. And so is Christopher Walken, and every other cast member of A Late Quartet, a new mortality-reminder released just in time for the holidays. To get you into the spirit of things, I’ve rounded up a few more movies about death to help get you psyched for your own big sleep. Memento Mori, gentle reader.


[NEW COLUMN] Here & Now & Then: 1979

One of cinema’s uncanniest properties is the false sense of déjà vu it imparts in the viewer, making us feel like we’ve seen and experienced places and times in which we never existed. In his new weekly column, Here & Now & Then, Michael Koresky chooses a year from throughout film history, and examines three titles from that year, made as contemporary works, revealing that all films—even horror, fantasy, comedies, and melodramas—are in one way or another documentaries of their … Read More