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Monkey Business: Oscar, Billy, and “The Movies” – What Went Wrong

Hi, I just got back from the movies. Boy, are they the coolest. Thanks for the suggestion, Billy Crystal, Brian Grazer, and the Academy. Together, I believe we can teach everyone in the world about the movies.


Bombast #29

Having a real, marrow-deep, unqualified contempt for the Academy Awards is still a somewhat suspicious attitude to air in some (i.e. non-cinephile) social circles. To voice undisguised disgust for this mortifying bit of televised offal is to risk looking like one of those “I don’t even own a TV” people, to show, through “Bah, humbug” spirit, that one holds one’s self as better than the jolly simulcast holidays imposed upon America by the mandarins of our degraded pop culture.