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Bombast #92

Frame by painstaking frame, Ray Harryhausen elevated the art of incorporating stop-motion model animation effects into live-action films to a level previously, and subsequently, unseen. In his passing, Harryhausen becomes a symbol for A Time When They Did Things Differently, when what we broadly call “movie magic” still bore human fingerprints, before the business of ensorceling the rubes was delegated to vast armies of pixel-pushers.


[NEW COLUMN] Here & Now & Then: 1979

One of cinema’s uncanniest properties is the false sense of déjà vu it imparts in the viewer, making us feel like we’ve seen and experienced places and times in which we never existed. In his new weekly column, Here & Now & Then, Michael Koresky chooses a year from throughout film history, and examines three titles from that year, made as contemporary works, revealing that all films—even horror, fantasy, comedies, and melodramas—are in one way or another documentaries of their … Read More